Pug Appearance – Physical Characteristics

 There are several words that can describe a pug. Cute, Adorable, small. Pug owners can use any one of those words to describe their beloved pug. Since they are such a popular breed they have been bred to look a certain way.

A few hundred years ago pugs were described as long and lean. Once they were introduced to Europe and the Americas they have been bred to be more stout and chubby looking.

Pug Appearance

The Color of your Pug

Pugs have a natural smooth and glossy coat, and they come in several different colors. Each color is used to describe the type of pug it is. Remember that this is just a difference in color of their fur.

There is the fawn, which is a pug with a whitish coat. Then there is the apricot fawn, this pug has a brownish coat. Another color is the silver fawn, and this is a pug with grayish looking coat with some black mixed into it. And of course we can’t forget about the black pug, which is just simply a pug with a sleek smooth black coat.

The Perfect Size

One of the main reason the pug has been such a fascination for so many people is because of its size. It is a small dog with a bulky body. Their weight averages at around 13 to 17 pounds, and they average at about 11 to 15 inches in height, standing a little below most peoples knees.

At this height the pug is perfect for looking tough without being the big dog that you may not want or be able to keep. Your little pug will be big enough and brave enough to look somewhat intimidating while still being the small cute little dog you want.

Pug face to love

How can you say “no” to that face?

A Face To Love

Like any other of the pug features, the face is just as unique. Pugs have a broad round head with little ears and a flat face. The ears come in two distinct shapes. One is the “rose” ears and the other is the “button” ears. The “rose” ears are smaller and are folded with the front edge against the side of the head. While the “button” ears are longer and fold more to the front of the face. The pug also has beady eyes and wrinkles that surround the whole face.

A Body To Be Proud Of

Every dog deserves to be a strong healthy dog. Dogs that are strong and healthy are easy to spot because of how they look. When your pug is strong and healthy he will have a distinct muscular physique.

Modern day pugs have a distinct square muscular body, and your pug will know know this and show it off to you every chance he can. He will run and play and show you just how tough he is. Aside from the square thick body, the pug has short stubby legs and a small tail that curls upward.

Why You Need to Know

It is always important to know as much as you can when you are looking for a pug puppy of your own. That way you can tell what kind of pug you are getting. Everything from the color to the size of the pug. It is also important to have a clear understanding of the standards for a good pug that you can trust to be exactly what you expected.

You don’t want to go to a breeder and have him sell you a pug that is much smaller than it should be or to be the color that you don’t like. There are many breeders out there that only breed pugs for money and therefore don’t care as much if their puppies are healthy and well bred. And a lot of times, dogs raised in puppy mill environments grow up with some psychological issues that will take a lot of work to improve.

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    Cute pug I have one myself
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