Pugs 101

As many Pug owners have already noticed, pugs are a lot like big dogs that are trapped in small bodies. They love to run around, play, have fun and are won’t back down from a fight despite their small size. Overall they are adorable little guys that would make amazing pets for the right owners.


Pugs are clever and energetic little guys that can be quite a handful. They love getting attention and will pull off crazy stunts just to get some laughs from their human friends. They are great at reading human emotions and can use what they know for their benefit. These clever dogs will use whatever they can to their advantage and will take over your household if you let them.

Physical Appearance

The best way to describe these little dogs is adorable. They are like a walking, breathing, living version of those cartoon animals you used to watch on TV. Their small frame and muscular body paired with the squished face will either get you to fall in love with them or dislike them. Pugs appearance isn’t for everyone, but if you’re on this site then you have probably already fallen in love with them.

History of the Breed

This breed has a rich backstory, rich in both senses of the word. In the past pugs were known to spend a lot of time sitting on laps of the royalty. Even in this day and age they are popular amongst many celebrities (click here for 14 cool Pug facts). The breed itself has first originated in China, but throughout the years these guys have left their mark all around the world.

Training Your Pug

Although this breed isn’t considered the smartest dog breed out there, you can’t deny that they are really cleaver dogs. They can learn a wide range of all kinds of tricks as long as you use the right training approach with them. To learn more about training your Pug, check out this article here.


As previously said, Pugs are really clever dogs. Unfortunately that often times means that they can be fairly stubborn. If they don’t like something for whatever reason they will ignore you if they feel like they can get away with it. They also form habits really easily, which can be good or bad depending on what they are doing. Overall they are fairly obedient dogs with a bit of stubbornness mixed in. But if you do everything and take on the role of the pack leader, you will have no problem with their behavior.

Care and Health

Overall Pugs are really healthy dogs. They come from an old and well established breed that’s been around for centuries. The only thing you need to watch out for is their face. Since their head is shaped different than most other dogs and their face is flat, they do require some unique attention there. Their wrinkles need to be wiped regularly to avoid potential infections.

Right for you?

To be honest with you, Pugs are not the dog of choice for everyone. There simply isn’t a dog that would match everyone’s lifestyle and needs. This is a smaller dog breed, so they wouldn’t make a good fit for people that want a dog to take hiking with them. Their appearance is not for everyone and they do require more attention because of the flat face. If you do decide that you want a Pug and are ready for all the responsibility that comes with owning one, then I suggest you check out Pug Perfect. It will make your life a lot easier.

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    Pugs are little things in big packages

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    Pugs are amazing, everyone should get one.

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