Pug Training 101

Do you want a well behaved Pug that never causes any problems? Do you want your Pug to listen to you no matter what he is doing? Do you want your dog to be well-mannered around your friends and strangers?

If you do then you’ve come to the right place. It doesn’t matter if your Pug is still just a little puppy and you want to start training him early (as every dog owner should) or if he has been a trouble maker for years. It is never too early or too late to improve your Pug’s behavior for the better.

Before you even had a dog, you must have had some expectations of what owning a dog would be. Now I’m no mind reader, but I’m willing to bet that those expectations did not include a Pug that doesn’t listen, chews up and destroys your things, or acts like a goofball in company embarrassing himself and you along with him.

If you ask any dog owner what they want from a dog they would say they want a dog that is well socialized, respectful and actually listens to them. Well fortunately for you, the real truth is that there are no dumb dogs. It all comes down to the owner and the way he or she raises the dog.

If you want a detailed guide on how to raise and train the perfect Pug then I highly reccomend you check out the Pug Perfect book.

Pug Training – The Correct Approach

Pug TrainingI’ve seen too many people use the “if the dog fears me, he will respect me” approach to training their dogs, but it’s not necessary at all. Would you rather have your Pug listen to you because you are important to him or because he is scared of you? Sure there are times when you need to correct his behavior but you don’t have to do it in an abusive way. Click here to learn more about Pug Training

Pug Behavior and Temperament

Pug TemperamentBefore you try to come up with any solution to a problem, you first need to fully understand what the actual problem really is. Training a dog is no different. Before you can expect to successfully teach your Pug anything new or change his behavior, you first need to understand why he acts the way that he does. Click here to learn more about Pug temperament and behavior

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