Pug Care 101

Finally, that day you’ve been waiting for has come. You have just brought home an adorable Pug that you have fallen in love with. What now? Is this it? Just fun and games from now on? If only it was this easy..

Now that you have a dog of your own, the hard part has just begun. Raising and caring for a dog is not that different from raising a child. For some reason people take offense to that comparison, but it’s true. You have to take care of your Pugs health, bathe and keep them clean, teach them new things, take them outside on walks and provide them with a healthy and nutritious diet. All those things apply to raising a child and if you ask certain dog owners, they will say that their Pugs are a lot like children to them.

Obedience and Training

I know I must sound like a broken record by now, but obedience and training is one of the many aspects of proper care. Teaching them the rules of the house, socializing them and stimulating their mind is just as important as grooming and feeding them. The way you train your dog is the way you raise him to act and behave once he is older.

Most if not all problems that people have with their dog’s behavior can be fixed with proper training and socializing. Neglecting training as part of care will leave you with a stubborn and disobedient dog, and I’m sure no one wants that. The good news is that training is easy and you can do it yourself at home. It doesn’t take much time out of your day either. Learn more about Pug training here.


Pugs are not the type of dogs that need constant brushing, bathing and grooming. They still need the basic type of regular upkeep. You still have to clean their ears, clip their nails, brush them and bathe them.

The main difference between Pugs and most other dogs is in their face. Pug faces are full of adorable little wrinkles. Although cute, they can be a health concern if not cleaned regularly. If left unclean for too long, bacteria can start to collect, grow and form into colonies. This can result in painful bacterial infections. To avoid that, you have to clean between each wrinkle to get rid of bacteria and dirt.

Exercise and Activity

As you can probably tell by their size, Pugs are not really considered to be natural athletes. Even though they might have muscular looking bodies, these dogs are not fit to spend a lot of time hiking or running. Because of their facial structure, they can’t cool off as well as some other breeds.

Don’t get me wrong though, Pugs are not couch potatoes. These little guys love to stay active. Prepare yourself with lots of toys for these guys otherwise they will find something else to play with. And that something else is usually anything that fits in their little mouths (shoes, keys, remotes, clothes, etc.). Click here to learn more about Pug exercise and activities.


Pugs are overall pretty healthy dogs. Their breed has been around for a long time, which is good. It gave an opportunity for breeders to eliminate a lot of genetic health problems. This means that they can live long and happy lives without much hassle, especially if they are on a good diet.

Some common problems that I see a lot of with this particular breed is obesity. Most dog owners do a pretty good job at feeding them the right servings, but then overfeed their dogs with treats. It’s hard to say no a an adorable little pug that’s begging for a bite of your meal, but sometimes you just have to say no for their own good. Learn more about feeding a Pug.

Complete Guide

If you want the complete guide to a happy, healthy and obedient Pug then I highly recommend that you read “Pug Perfect”. It will teach you everything you need to know to raise the perfect Pug.

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