You Will Have a More Obedient, Happier and
Healthier Pug, in Just 7 Days!

Solve Some of the Toughest Problems Pug Owners Have to Face and
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From: Colleen Hart

PhotoDear Fellow Pug Lover,

Don't you just hate dealing with the stress and embarrassment that comes with a Pug that just does not listen?

Are you tired of cleaning up the constant mess your dog makes despite your hardest effort to get him under control?

Well in just 7 days from now, I can guarantee you that you won't have put up with any of that.

I am not talking about spending hours training your dog or wasting hundreds of dollars on a professional trainer.

All you need for a happier and more obedient Pug is 5-10 minutes a day. That's it!

My name is Colleen Hart and I'm a proud parent of Max, my 6 year old Pug.

I want to share with you how to avoid unknowingly teaching your Pug to misbehave and the exact same methods that have helped hundreds of Pug owners cure behavior problems such as:

  • Going Potty Indoors
  • Non-stop barking and whining
  • Leash pulling during walks
  • Biting, nipping and growling
  • Destructive chewing and digging
  • Jumping on strangers and guests
  • Anxiety and fear of new people or objects
  • Disobedient behavior
  • Refusing to come when called
  • Begging and whining for food
  • + Plus Much More!

And on top of that, I am also going to share with you the required "ingredients" to ensure your dog lives a long happy and healthy life.

Colleen Hart,
Colleen Hart
Proud Pug Owner & Enthusiast

WARNING: You Could Be Encouraging Your Pug's
Bad Behavior Without Even Knowing It!

What if I told you right now that you could be encouraging your Pug to misbehave and ignore you without even realizing it?

It's true. About 90% of dog owners make these common mistakes. The worst part is that they don't even realize it!

Take a look at this example:

Example: You let your dog off the leash to give him some time to run around and play. While off the leash, your dog spots a squirrel, a cat or another dog and dashes off completely forgetting about you!

You try telling your dog to come to you, you scream your dog's name in every note your voice can hit but the dog isn't coming back no matter what you do. Finally, after about 10 minutes of you yelling and screaming, your Pug happily skips back to you as if he has done nothing wrong.

How do you respond in a situation like this?

Most owners would probably scold their dog for running off like that and give it a nice stern talk during the ride home. Seems like a reasonable "punishment" for ignoring the owner. Right?

Try to look at it from the dog's perspective. When he finally comes to the owner, not only is his fun with this new friend squirrel cancelled, but he is also SCOLDED for coming back to the owner.

Next time he will probably try to wait it out until the owner calms down before he runs back so he doesn't get "punished" again. So that means, even more screaming and yelling for the poor owner while the dog is dancing around completely ignoring his commands.

Examples of owners encouraging bad behavior are countless!

If you want your Pug to obey your commands, then you need to make sure you are not rewarding bad behavior.

There are countless examples of owners encouraging their dogs to misbehave with other behavior problems (housebreaking, destructive chewing, leash pulling, biting, jumping, begging, whining and so on) but you see my point.

Still, even though a lot of owners do this, this isn't the main reason why so many people struggle with their dogs. The main reason is that owners are not equipped with the right tools to combat bad behavior!

Why So Many Owners Have Little
Or No Success With Their Pug

Have you tried any of these methods with little to no success...

The Worst Training Methods - And Why Your Pug
Suffers Because Of It...

Now this I really hate.

The worst thing you can do to train your dog is to use punishment based training, but this seems to be the most popular method. There should be no yelling, no hitting and no smacking involved during any part of training.

The reason these methods are popular is because they can get your dog to "obey", but not for the right reasons. A dog that is scared or frightened of you will listen to you as long as you don't hit it again.

However it shouldn't be like this. Your dog should listen to you because he loves you and respects you, not because he is scared of you.

These tactics are borderline abusive and are no way to treat a Pug. There are much better and much more effective tactics to train your Pug -- so use them!

Training Methods That ACTUALLY WORK:

The training methods that I'm about to show you will have your dog obeying you because he wants to Obey. Instead of ignoring you, your Pug will be wagging his curly little tail and focusing all his attention on you.

Imagine how much easier it will be to train a dog that is eager to learn. Build your dog's confidence and trust with training methods that are proven to show results.

Pug Perfect: Pug Training Book

Pug Perfect: The Complete Pug Guide is a collection of proven and tested training methods that are guaranteed to work on Pugs. It also includes everything else a dog owner must know for a happy, healthy and obedient Pug.

You will be able to...

You Will Also Learn...

Breed Overview
  • Finding the perfect puppy
  • Your dog's needs
  • Preparing Your Home
  • Things You Should Buy
  • Introducing him to Other Pets
  • Plus More!
Health and Care
  • Diet and Nutrition
  • Exercise Advice and Tips
  • Finding The Right Vet
  • Step By Step Grooming Tips
  • How to Keep Your Pug Healthy
  • Plus More!
Training Overview
  • Understanding Your Pug
  • Reading Body Language
  • Critical Training Elements
  • Alpha Dog Cheat Sheet
  • Plus More!
Trick Training
  • Sit & Stay
  • Come & Down
  • Fetch & Shake
  • Play Dead & Roll Over
  • Plus More!
Behaviour Problems
  • Housebreaking
  • Aggression & Dominance
  • Play Biting and Nipping
  • Destructive Behavior
  • Barking and Whining
  • Disobedience
  • Leash Pulling
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Plus More!
Adorable Pug

Pug Owners SPEAK OUT!

I get emails from people who successfully trained their Pugs all the time so I know this guide works.

Even people with no experience in dog training could get started within minutes! Solving bad behavior and training your dog new tricks is easy and fun when you are using training methods that work!

Take a look at some of the success stories:

"The change in her is a miracle in itself... Bella doesn't feel like a burden anymore"

Unfortunately I made the mistake of doing absolutely no research before getting our Pug. Looking back now I realize that although they are adorable, they are somewhat high maintenance. They need more grooming than most dogs, they can be very stubborn and they love getting into trouble.

I still loved my Bella even when she misbehaved, but it was hard not to get frustrated with her. It got to the point where I've spent hours on the internet asking questions and looking for help until I saw someone recommending your guide so I got it right away. And wow, I have to say I'm glad that I did.

It has only been a couple of weeks but most of her bad habits are gone and we made a lot of progress with obedience training. The change in her is a miracle in itself, but the best part of all is that owning Bella doesn't feel like a burden anymore. It feels like she is finally a part of our family and not a disobedient untrained dog that just causes problems.

I just wish I had this guide from the very beginning! Would have saved us a ton of headache.

Loretta J. -Norristown, PA
"I love my Pug and it finally feels like he feels the same way about me"

Who knew that a dog this tiny can be so outrageously stubborn!! Before reading Pug Perfect I would have sworn that my dog is misbehaving just to spite me. It really felt like he was trying to get back at me for not giving him that treat he wanted or not letting him chase after that squirrel he saw earlier in the day. The fear of him doing something just to pay me back led me to spoiling him, which of course didn't work. It just made his behavior a lot worse.

After reading your book from beginning to end and particularly rereading the alpha dog cheat sheet and the common training myths, I saw where I went wrong. Turns out it wasn't my dog that was being stubborn but my approach was way off the mark. He wasn't trying to spite me at all, I was just sabotaging myself.

If I continued doing what I was doing before I would still be stuck sitting here wondering why my dog hates me so much. So I want to thank you for putting together this book because it literary changed my life. I love my Pug and it finally feels like he feels the same way about me.

Carol E. - San Antonio, TX

Better Training, for Quicker Results

I will show you the exact steps to improving your Pug's learning and confidence in you. The positive training methods will have your dog learning new tricks within just a couple training sessions Guaranteed!

You will Learn:

Get Rid of Even the TOUGHEST Behavioral Problems

You don't have to put up with bad behavior anymore. Imagine if you had step-by-step instructions guiding you along the way to cure ANY problem that you might be having with your Pug.

Well those same easy instructions are exactly what you will find in this guide.

You will be able to prevent behaviors such as...

  • Going Potty Indoors
  • Non-stop barking and whining
  • Leash pulling during walks
  • Biting, nipping and growling
  • Destructive chewing and digging
  • Jumping on strangers and guests
  • Anxiety and fear of new people or objects
  • Disobedient behavior
  • Refusing to come when called
  • Begging and whining for food
  • Aggression and Dominance Problems

++ Plus Much More!

Check out what these Pug owners have to say...

"Family and friends keep asking if it was really me who trained him or if I hired a professional trainer "

Hey Colleen,

You are a lifesaver! My Pug's behavior was out of control. I was embarrassed to take him anywhere with me or to have people over my house because of him. He would jump on people, steal their shoes, bark and growl at strangers. It was a total nightmare to be around him. The worst part about it? I let it go on for 6 years.

At first I thought he would outgrow it all and that he was just going through a rebellious stage that all puppies go through so I didn't do anything about it. However the older he got, the more I realized that it's not going away. If anything his behavior became even worse.

I'm so glad I found your book. At first I was hesitant about trying it because my dog has been misbehaving for so many years, but then I realized that if I didn't take care of it then and there then I never would.

Well it's been exactly a month since I started seeing results in within a couple of days! Even my family and friends can't believe the change in my dog. Some of them still keep asking if it was really me who trained him or if I hired a professional trainer to do it.

Joyce D. - Fayetteville, NC
This one made me laugh
"My wife's jaw literally dropped when she saw what Rio could do!"

My wife and I don't have any kids yet, so she decided we needed to get a puppy to keep us busy at home. I tried talking her out of it at first but she agreed that she would take care of the dog, walk him, train him and clean up after him so I figured why not?

Well guess what happened a few months after we got the dog? She spoiled him to the point where he became the boss of the house. He was a little king and my wife and I were his servants. We would clean him, feed him and clean up after him. My wife kept on telling me that it's all fine and she has everything under control she just needs a little more time. And that went on for about 9 months. Then I finally realized that I have to take matters into my own hands.

That's where your guide comes in. I found it online while doing research about Pug obedience and decided to give it a try without telling my wife. I would wait until she left for work to train Rio. To keep her in the dark I kept on acting like Rio still didn't listen to me when she was around. This went on for about two weeks.

Mind you in that time he was finally housetrained, learned a quite a bit of new tricks, stopped chewing our furniture and basically was behaving like we wanted him to from the very start. My wife thought that it was all thanks to her and those wacky training tips she got from her coworker that changed our dog. I really wanted to take credit for it but decided not to until the perfect moment.

That moment finally arrived on a boring Saturday which we spent watching television. While my wife and I were sitting on the couch I called Rio over and he came instantly, my wife was a little surprised because normally she would have to shout his name at least 4 times at the top of her lungs for him to come. Then I got him to show off all of the commands that I've been teaching starting with shake and ending with playing dead.

Then without breaking a smile I got him to fetch my sandals so that I could take him out for a walk acting as if this was the norm and nothing special. Then finally I looked at my wife and her facial expression was priceless! Her jaw literally dropped when she saw what Rio could do! She couldn't believe what she was seeing. Needless to say the night ended with her asking thousands of questions trying to figure out what had happened.

Bobby A. - Southfield, MI

Provide the Best Care For Your Pug

If you are anything like me, then you love your Pug and only want the very best when it comes to raising and taking care of your dog.

That is precisely why I made sure to include everything a responsible Pug owner should know about caring for and raising a Pug.

You will know...

More Success Stories:

"We can now leave her home alone without worrying about her destroying things"

Who knew that such a tiny dog could do so much damage? Our dog was crazy about chewing. Before we got him, we had an expensive dining room table with beautiful wood chairs and Ola, our 3 year old Pug, didn't spare any of it!

We tried buying her more toys and giving her more treats but, nope. She had absolutely zero interest in those toys. Her idea of having a good time was tearing up our clothes, chewing up our shoes and destroying our furniture.

After reading the "Destructive Chewing" chapter, we finally stopped it. We can now leave her home alone without worrying about her destroying things and having that peace of mind is priceless.

Ethel D. - Salt Lake City, UT
"I would highly recommend it to anyone with a Pug because it's much more than just a training book"

Hey Colleen, Our story is a little different. We have two Pugs, two sisters actually. One of them is a complete angel and never caused us any trouble, the other one on the other hand got into enough trouble for the both of them. She took a lot of energy out of us with her antics, but thank goodness it's in the past.

Thanks to your book both of our dogs are perfect little angels now. I would highly recommend it to anyone with a Pug because it's much more than just a training book. Along with training it also covers grooming, health and care which make things a lot easier.

Kelli K. - Okla City, OK

Tested, Proven and 100% Guaranteed to
Work Or Your Money Back

I'm am completely confident that you will cure your Pug's bad behavior, or at the very least significantly reduce the problem in the next week that I offer you a 90 day 100% money back guarantee.

I want you to try this guide on me, completely risk free!


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In short: I promote some authors, YOU get their books absolutely free of charge as a result.

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Keep up With Your Dog

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Everything you need to know about owning and training a dog. This book is a great guide if this is your first dog. You can learn all the basics of being a dog owner through this book.

Delicious Dog Treats

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Over 130 different dog treat recipes all in one book! Learn to easily make your Pug some healthy and delicious treats. Try not to spoil him though!

Unlimited Email Consultation

Bonus Gift #4 ($99.99 Value) FREE For a Limited Time

I will include my personal email address so you can contact me whenever you want about your Pug for FREE! Don't understand something in the book or something you were looking for wasn't covered in the book? No problem, just email me and I will do my best to help you. Can't get that with a regular dog book!

Within The Next 6 Days You Can Have a Much
Happier, Healthier and More Obedient Pug...

And all it takes is 5-10 minutes of your time a day!

What would you give for such a simple cure to your dog's worst problem? What is your Pug's health and happiness really worth? Would you be willing to spend $40, $50, $80 or even +$100? Well this guide won't cost you nearly as much!

You get the "Pug Owners Guide" plus the additional bonus books all for just $27.97, which is less than the average price of a pair of shoes!

Now add the 90 day 100% money back guaranteed, and you really can't lose with this deal.

Sounds Fair?

Let's Start Training!

The sooner you start training your Pug, the quicker you will start seeing results.

Stop dealing with the stress and embarrassment that comes with owning a disobedient dog. Make the first step in the right direction now and be well on your way to a Pug that you always dreamed of owning.

Join hundreds of other Pug owners who made the right decision and changed their dog for the better. Use the same simple and effective training methods that they did to own a Pug you can really feel proud of.

Now Take The Next Step...

Yes! I want my Pug to be Healthy, Happy and Obedience!
Pug Perfect: Book About PugsBonus Books

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