Pug Activities – 8 Ways to Keep Him Busy

Do you want your Pug to be a happy and healthy dog? One of the best ways to do that is to keep his mind and body active. Not only will it keep him fit and healthy, but it will also help him learn things quicker. If you keep your pup engaged, he will continue to grow smarter even throughout his adult life.

Pug Staying ActiveThere are many different types of activities you can have your little pug do. These can be both, mental and physical. Since I got my Pug I have searched everywhere I could looking for activities that will keep my little guy not only entertained but that will also help him grow. There is so much information out there, but not a lot that is actually practical and enjoyable for both the owner and the dog. So here is a list that I personally use to keep my little guy active.

Activities Your Pug Will Love

I know this might be already be obvious, but your Pug doesn’t like to be bored. Sure he might be lazy and enjoy sleeping for majority of the day, but when he is awake he wants something to do. This is why many dog owners end up with a dog that will chew up their furniture, clothes, shoes, etc. Dogs that behave that way are usually just bored. Since their owners can’t find anything for them to do, they find something to do on their own. So be sure your dog has something he can keep himself busy with.


Don’t let the small size fool you. Physical stimulation is just as important to these dogs as it would be to larger breeds. Of course they might not need as much physical activity as a German Shepherd for example, but they still need to stretch their little legs. Here are just a few ways that you can help your little guy do just that:

  • Go out for more walks – This is the most popular way to exercise your Pug. Take your precious Pug for a walk around the block. It will show him different sights and smells and give him the chance to walk or run around.
  • Play Tug-of-war – this is a fun game you can play with your Pug. Just find something you don’t mind being chewed up (like a towel or a rope toy) and grab one end of it and let your pug try to pull on the other. Pugs love this game because it satisfies a natural urge to pull on things. Just be careful and don’t let this game get out of hand. If your Pug is often aggressive or shows dominant behavior, you might want to skip this game.
  • Play Fetch – Most dogs love to play fetch. Your pug is no different. Now this game may take some training, but once your pug learns the rules and what he has to do he will love to play a game of fetch with you. It’s also a good game for you as you don’t have to run around with him. You can just comfortably sit in your chair and have him do all the work.
  • Have your Pug chase something – This is a game that I play pretty often with my Pug. I tie a toy to a rope and then I will pull the toy around the yard, or even indoors when there is room, and my pug will happily chase after it.


Remember that you will want your Pug to do activities that not only make him fit and strong physically, but also stimulate his brain mentally. If you do this, your dog will grow smarter and more capable of learning new tricks. Here are a few ways you can do that:

  • Food Puzzle – These are toys you can buy that have food inside of them. Your Pug will have to work his brain to figure out how to open the toy so he can get the delicious treat inside. It will keep him busy for a while, unless he is really hungry.
  • Make him find his food – This will be kind of like hunting for your Pug. Take a food puzzle toy and hide it somewhere in your house. After he learns there is a hidden toy full of food somewhere in the house, he will be searching for it while you are gone at work. Careful where you hide it though, you don’t want him digging through your couch while on a quest to find some food.
  • Playing with other dogs – You want your pug to be able to play and interact with other dogs every once in a while. It will teach him great doggy social skills. Taking him to a dog park is a great way to meet other dog owners. Just be careful with your Pug. He is a small little guy and can easily get hurt playing with the bigger boys.
  • Pug Mental ActivityPractice trick training – This can be fun and rewarding experience for you dog. As long as you keep the atmosphere friendly and you reward him for his progress, he will love to learn. Plus he will have cool new tricks that he can show off to new people that he meets.

There are are many other activities you can do with your Pug. Try and experiment to see which work for you and your Pug the most. If you have some suggestions or activities that both of you enjoy, be sure to share them with us in the comment section.

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6 Responses to “Pug Activities – 8 Ways to Keep Him Busy”

  1. Carmen Beraun says:

    I’m a new owner for my one year old pugs please send me information on dog food n toys for my pug and what I should look for when he is sick or he makes a lot of snorkeling noise.

    Thank you,

    • Jess says:

      Congrats on your pups! They are lots of fun. There is an article on this site regarding diet, you can see it here https://pugtips.com/feeding-my-dog/

      As for the other stuff, this guide would be a good start for you https://pugtips.com/pug-perfect-book/

    • Karen says:

      Carmen I am too, my Pug is 1 and gosh is he s terror, he is so energetic and always getting into things. My friends gave him to me for my 8 year old daughter because she didn’t havee time for him and now I’m wondering where his off switch is. HEEEELP lol

      • Maggie H says:

        Both of my pugs LOVE their “treat ball” which is just an empty large plastic Folger’s coffee can with a 1″ hole cut into the side. I put some treats into this, put the lid back on and let them play soccer with it until all the treats are gone.

        The advantage of the coffee can is that it can’t get lost under couches or dressers. I had originally tried the rubber kongs, but pugs can’t really chew on those and don’t have large enough jaws to really get the treats out.

        To keep the weight off, I use apple chopped into 1cm pieces or green beans, with an occasional liver treat or bit of cheese thrown in. Dry food could also work.

        They looooove their “treat ball!” I hope yours will too!

  2. Leann says:

    I’m worried about my pug. She is two and a half years old. She just started having play dates with the neighbors dog. I love watching her play and have fun but it doesn’t take long for her to start panting and breathing real hard. She may sit for a few seconds and starts playing again never catching her breath. I fear she is going to kill over anytime. After w get home it takes her about twenty minutes to start breathing normal. It’s like when she plays she doesn’t know when to stop. Should I be worried and make her stop when she starts panting and breathing hard or not be worried and just let her play. She is not fat or overweight.

    • Manda says:

      My pug is also two and a half. She has lots of play dates with our neighbours pug and both of them are panting and struggling to catch their breath. They also won’t stop. As long as they are in a cool environment they seem to be fine. I actually think it’s good for them mentally and physically, I guess its like us running around the block : )

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