How Much Should I Feed My Pug

We all like to eat and so do our precious dogs. Your Pug will want to eat constantly and he will do anything to get you to feed him. Now, before you give in to the temptation of feeding your little guy, you have to take in consideration if giving him that extra treat is good for him. Most of the time the answer is a cold harsh “no”.

How Much Food

Feeding a PugI am sure that everyone who has cared about their dog has tried to find out how much they should feed their pug and what kind of food they should feed him. There are many sources out there but not all of them are very reliable. Many dog food companies will manipulate their charts and tell you to feed your dog more than you actually should just so they can make more money off of you. You don’t want to over feed your pug. Over feeding your pug will cause him to gain weight and many health problems along with it.

So what do you do? Here I will list the steps that I took when I got my Pug. These steps helped me figure out how much food to feed my little guy and how often I should feed him

  1. Fill his bowl with food and see how much he will eat of it one sitting.

  2. Measure that amount with a Measuring cup and see how many cups your pug eats.

  3. Give your Pug that amount twice a day.

  4. Keep track of your pugs health and behavior for about 2 weeks

    • Add more food if he is starting to lose weight
    • Subtract food if your pug begins to gain weight

Monitor his weight every 2 to 6 months until your pug puppy reaches adulthood. The bigger and more active your pug is the more food he will need.

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What Type of Food

There are so many different brands of dog food out there and picking the right one isn’t as easy as it might seem. There are generic store brands and there are big name brands. You can get dried dog food or wet dog food. Of course with all these choices you will ask yourself what do I feed to my Pug.

Its important to be aware of what food you buy your Pug to eat. Make sure to read the back of the bag or box and see the ingredients. Look for something that will say that brand is approved by Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). This lets you know that the food your pug will eat has been tested to some extent. If you do not see an AAFCO approval on the packaging then be very cautious, as you do not know what is in that food just based off the label.

From my experience its more important to let your pug decide what food is good for him. All pugs have their own taste buds and prefer some dog food over others. Pick some food for your pug and give it to him. If he likes it he will devour the entire bowl, if not you will notice that he is less eager about finishing his bowl. That is when you know to try another type of food.

When picking between wet vs dry food, remember that feeding nothing but soft wet food can be harmful. Your little guy needs something hard to chew on from time to time to have strong and healthy teeth. If you decide to go with wet dog food, be sure to get him some hard chewing treats every now and then.

Things to Look Out For

Sometimes the diet you have set up for your Pug will not be what he needs. Its important to notice when that is and to make appropriate diet changes for your dog.

  • Gaining weight – It is not good for your pug to gain too much weight, especially if he is done growing.

  • Losing weight – Losing weight is good when you need to your pug to lose weight, but if he begins to rapidly lose weight check and adjust his diet.

  • Change in mood or behavior – A lot of times diet can cause a change in your pugs mood and behavior. If he starts showing signs of depression not too long after a change in his diet, try changing it back again to see if that was the cause.

  • Getting sick – This doesn’t necessarily mean your pugs diet is at fault, but it is important to check if his diet includes all the nutrition that he needs to stay healthy.

Remember it is very important to know how to control your pugs diet and if any of the issues come up take the appropriate action. This may be giving your pug more food or less food, or maybe changing the type of food he eats. And of course take your pug to the vet to make sure he is alright. Don’t be scared to ask him if the diet you have for your pug meets his dietary needs.

You can learn more about Pug training, care and health by reading this book about Pugs.

8 Responses to “How Much Should I Feed My Pug”

  1. Jess L says:

    Our dog used to get bad allergic reactions on his paws. The vet couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him. At first she thought it was a seasonal thing and after we switched his food it stopped.

    If your dog is always getting sick try changing his diet. It worked for us

  2. Agnel says:

    Please let me know which time is a good time to give food (i.e. morning, night, afternoon). I previously used to own a German Shepherd but I think Pugs are a little different.

    Thank you

    • Anne says:

      Bella only really eats in the evening but I’m sure all Pugs are different.

    • koko says:

      you should feed yor pug a small ammount of food in the morning (11 0clock) and quite a bit around 5 0clock

      if your dog stops eating then try feeding her the same amount of food but feed her less more if you get what i mean

  3. mystery says:

    what about water

  4. Martin says:

    This article did not answer a simple question how much should a pug be fed to maintain a balanced weight hand full of bickies small amount of chicken or what ??

  5. Theresa says:

    I have a Pug which is neutered and about 10 months old but not sure if I am feeding him enough. I feed him natures menu raw mince.

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