8 Mistakes Made by Pug Owners

Many people decide to get a Pug puppy without doing the proper research and learning what they need to know to properly take care of their pug. For some reason people assume that getting a Pug puppy is no different than getting a toy. That’s far from the truth. Dogs have feelings, needs, desires and come with a lot of responsibilities.

There are a number of things you have to know when taking care of a Pug. None of it is hard to do but if you do not do them your pug can develop some serious health issues. I know that no Pug owner wants their little guy to suffer in any way. This is why I decided to put together a list of the most common mistakes I see dog owners make.

Top Common Mistakes Made by Pug Owners

Keep in mind that many of these are not exclusive to only Pug owners. There are many dog owners that forget certain things or just don’t know any better. Here is a list of some of the more common mistakes that I see owners make.

  1. They don’t wipe their dog’s wrinkles – If you don’t already know, Pugs wrinkles are a great place for germs and bacteria to collect and grow. If you don’t wipe them clean regularly, it’s very easy for an infection to start growing in there.
  2. They use a collar leash instead of a harness– If you use a collar leash on your pug and he decided he doesn’t like your walking speed or the direction you are going he will pull. Pugs have a certain body structure that makes leashes very bad for them. Any pressure on their neck will cause them breathing problems. This is why you want to use a harness instead. Money wise harnesses are not very expense. You can find one form 5 to 30 dollars.
  3. They over-train their Pugs – Pugs are bred to be small dogs with a bulky body and little legs. Because of this it takes them a lot more work to run as fast as other dogs, or as fast as you when you take him out for a run. Many pug owners do not understand this and will have their pug play and run around to the point of exhaustion. This is bad for your pug, and you don’t want him to overheat. Of course I’m not saying that all activity is bad, in fact they need to exercise and stay active to be healthy. It’s the excessive activity that is bad for your little guy.
  4. They neglect their dog – Your Pug has only one person in this world, and that person is you. The number one thing he will want from you is your love. It’s important to give your pug some attention every day. This can be as simple as just having your pug next to you when you are relaxing or watching TV or reading a book.
  5. They let their dogs run without a leash – It is important to know your pug will not be able to wander off. Pugs are curious little guys and will easily wander off into the street and not realize how far they are from home until it’s too late. I have had so many people ask me how to keep this from happening and the answer is simple. Keep your pug on a leash with a harness or in a fenced in area when he is outside. Your pug is a smart dog, but his curiosity will definitely get the better of him.
  6. They don’t keep their Pug’s hydrated enough – This is a very important thing that a lot of pug owners are not fully aware of. So many pugs are brought into the vet with problems caused by overheating. Make sure your pug is kept hydrated when he is outside and when he is exercising or playing. Learn to look for signs that your pug is overheating. Things like excessive panting and gasping for air are good signs that he is too hot and needs to cool down. My pug will lay down and not move when he is too tired or too hot. So I know when he lies down it’s a sign to take him in and let him cool off.
  7. They keep them in a messy environment – Be careful about leaving things out that your pug can chew on and eat. Pugs love to chew on things and sometimes will end up swallowing those things. This can make them sick as well as damage whatever it is they chew on. The fix for this is to simply make sure you have a clean house and not leave anything out that your pug will try to eat or chew on.
  8. They neglect grooming– Pugs may not look like the type of dogs that will shed, but believe me they will shed like crazy. This is not a problem for your pug, but it is something most new pug owners don’t know about. Just brushing them once a week or every other week will have a big impact on how much they shed in the house.

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4 Responses to “8 Mistakes Made by Pug Owners”

  1. lyndsey says:

    the first thing that the breeder told us when we got our puppy was that their wrinkles need to be cleaned

  2. Rachael says:

    My 1 yr old pug Brian is crated at night. Every morning at 05:30 he wakes and starts barking. By the time I get downstairs he has poohed in his crate!
    I have tried feeding diff times and walking last thing at night but nothing stops this. Occasionally he will pooh in his crate while I’m at work even though he has had a walk and I’m he’s never left in there more than 4 hrs.
    Tonight he decided to take a pooh on the carpet in front of the tv.
    My hubby is convinced he’s thick! And says I’m too soft with him.
    Any tips? Please

  3. This was educational. I didn’t realize how important it was to clean a pug’s wrinkles. I think another great way to ensure that your dog is receiving great care is to make sure they get regular check ups.

  4. Daniel says:

    Agree with the whole list other than letting the dog off the lead, I have a pug named pablo, and he has been off the lead since he was 6 months, he trots along by my side, will occasionally dash ahead but regularly looks back before rejoining me.

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