6 Adorable Halloween Pug Costumes

In spirit of the holiday, lets check out some of the creative costumes that owners make for their dogs (or maybe these pugs made the costumes themselves.. who knows).

Tin Woodsman

I want a heart… shaped treat



Reindeer Pug

A little too early for Christmas, but we can’t hold it against him.




I gotta admit, this one is  a little creepy. I have to keep reminding myself that it’s not a real spider there is an adorable little pug underneath it all..

Pug Spider Costume


Angelic Pug

Lets lighten up our moods a little with this beautiful angelic Pug



Baked Pugtato

Are any of you hungry? I hope not.. I wouldn’t want you to eat this delicious looking Pugtato..



Yoda Pug

Please food give to me!


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