Pug History – Breed Origin

The lovable and energetic breed the pug has always been a top choice of pets for nobility and Wealthy people. These dogs have proved to be both useful and fun to have, as well as having a very unique look.

A Dog Destined for Royalty

pug-Pug HistoryThe Pug has its origins from ancient China. This breed in China held great value and only certain high ranking people were allowed to keep them. For the most part only people in the imperial family were allowed to have them. Because of this they were treated like royalty, only getting the best food and pampering. Anyone caught abusing or doing anything bad to the pug were punished severely.

When Europeans began trading with the Chinese in the 16th century they started bringing back the little dogs back to Europe. They found them to be beautiful and entertaining breed of dogs. They were first held by the Dutch royalty and after one of the dogs, named Pompey, saved the life of a prince by warning him of an assassin; the pugs became a big part of their household. After being seen with royalty a pug was wanted by many nobles and royal families.

Perhaps the most influential contributor to the spread and prestige of pugs in Europe and eventually the United States was Queen Victoria of England. She loved the little dogs so much that she took it on herself to breed them. After Queen Victoria the pug was wanted by many of her royal family as well as the nobility. Her grandson King George V and his son King Edward VII were well known to keep these dogs as part of their family.

Hero Dog

Historic PugsSome of the most famous figures in history have had pugs as part of their royal family. The infamous emperor of France Napoleon Bonaparte had a pug, which was kept by his wife Josephine. Josephine used her beloved pet to send secret messages to her family and friends when she was thrown into prison.

Pretty soon the pug became a very popular breed. It was used by the military to track people and animals, and were even used as guard dogs. I know, hard to believe but it’s true!

They became so popular that by the 18th century that nearly every noble and wealthy family would have a pug as part of their family. They would dress up the pug in little suits and jackets and have then ride in carriages, and even have portraits and pictures of them.

Pugs Still Remain Popular Today

In the late nineteenth century the pug was brought to the United States. It was immediately a popular breed and was entered into competitions and shows. It was soon recognized by the American Kennel Club and has since been associated with many famous celebrities.

The pug is a great type of dog and with many lovable features. To this day pugs are still a highly sought out breed. Many celebrity and famous people keep pugs as pets and enter them into shows and competitions, which they often win.

Every owner of this great breed should be proud of the prestige and history this wonderful dog has. It is a dog that may be little but stands tall and proud.

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