Neutering Impact on Your Pug

When you get a Pug puppy it is a good idea to start thinking about neutering. The benefits of this definitely outweigh the disadvantages. Getting neutered will help your dog in many ways, such as health and behavior.

Neutering ImpactThere are so many advantages to having your pet neutered that it is recommended by most professionals. Of course if you do decide to do this go and talk to your vet and see what he has to say first. Remember spaying is for female dogs and neutering is for male dogs.

The Advantages


It is very beneficial to your Pug to be neutered. Many types of cancers are greatly reduced when you get your Pug puppy neutered or spayed. For females the risk of getting uterine or ovarian cancer or infection is reduced to zero, and for males the chances for prostate and testicular cancer is brought down by a lot. This leaves less for you to worry about when it comes to your pet’s health.


Have you ever had problems with a dog being to territorial or always starting a fight with other dogs? Neutering helps a lot with this problem. It may not get rid of the dominant behavior completely but it will reduce it by a lot.

More Lovable

Spayed or Neutered Pugs tend to be a lot kinder and less stubborn. You will notice that he will have a much gentler approach when trying to get your attention. At the same time training a less stubborn Pug is much easier than a stubborn one.

Myths about Neutering

You may have heard a lot of different things when asking people about neutering a dog. People will tell you a bunch of things. Things like it will make your Pug gain a lot of weight or that his personality will change. Well most of these are just myths.

Getting Fat

A good number of people believe that after a dog gets neutered it will begin to gain weight and become obese. They especially think this is true for small dogs like the Pug. Well this is not true. This myth comes from the fact that the best time to neuter a dog is when he gets to the age where he begins to grow. At this time he will begin to gain weight whether he is neutered or not. Giving your dog a proper diet will keep him from becoming overweight.

Personality Changes

This myth is actually true but it is not a negative thing. Your Pugs personality will change but it will change for the better. He will become less aggressive and territorial and be overall a nicer dog. Unless that’s not what you want then this is something that will make both you and your Pug happier.

Surgery is bad for My Pug

With modern medicine, having surgery done to your pet is pretty safe. As long as your veterinarian uses good equipment and has experience you and your Pug have nothing to worry about. Just make sure to do your research and ask around before you pick the vet that will neuter your Pug puppy.

When Should I Neuter

Like I said before, when you first get your Pug puppy you should start thinking about getting him/her neutered. It is much safer for your Pug to be neutered within the first year. At this time he is growing and maturing and it will be much easier for him to recover from the operation then it would for an older Pug.

For female Pugs it is important to get her spayed before her first heat cycle. This will prevent some problems that can occur after spaying. Pugs have this much younger than other dogs and can begin to go into heat in the first year of their life.

The Disadvantages

There are no real disadvantages to having your Pug spayed or Neutered. As long as you do it when they are still young you will be improving both of your lives.

The only real concern is the time it will take for your Pug puppy to recover. Which should only take somewhere from one to two weeks. As long as you make sure to take care of your little guy during this time then there will be no reason to worry.

Before making any decision, talk to a veterinarian or maybe even several. See what they have to say about it then make your decision.

4 Responses to “Neutering Impact on Your Pug”

  1. Jenn says:

    I’m a new dog owner, and I’m nervous about making any mistakes. I know I need to get my puppy neutered, but I didn’t realize it had to be so soon. I’ll stop putting the procedure off and start researching instead. I want to find the best place around to operate on my little guy.

  2. A says:

    I do not recommend neutering. My pug was neutered and it was the worst thing ever. He was not sexually active, never humped, and was not aggressive. NOW, he can’t even walk the block without getting tired, he pants all the time, it is like he struggles to do any activity at all. I’m really sad, he is still my guy, my sidekick, but now we can’t do out normal activities. I’m very sad.

  3. Brandon says:

    Most pugs are unable to walk a block without getting tired. They are also a very lazy breed and are prone to obesity. Also pugs always pant, the way their respiratory system is built makes it difficult for them to breath already. I get the flap in my pugs nose snipped so they can breath better but it will not take away all of their breathing difficulties. If your vet hasn’t heard about the nose flap snipping procedure, find a new vet. Also pugs have problems in extreme hot or cold weather due to their breathing problems.

  4. ethan says:

    This is false, my Pug was neutered and he became much more aggressive to both other dogs and humans, i can’t take him to the park without him starting a fight, especially with larger dogs

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