5 Reasons Why Pugs Might Not Be For You

pug-five-reasonsHow much should you know before you get yourself a Pug puppy? The answer is a lot. So many people go out and get a Pug, only to discover that it is not the dog for them. Those people end up giving up their dog to rescue shelters.

Giving up any dog to a rescue shelter should never be your first choice, or an easy choice. It is your responsibility to find out everything you can before you get your Pup puppy. That way you will know the good and bad things about Pugs before you get them. This will help you decide if this breed is good for you. Remember this list is not made to discourage people from liking the breed. The sole purpose of this article is to show some of the problems that new owners might face with their dogs. Each dog breed comes with its own set of problems.

Health Issues

This is perhaps the number one thing you should know before you actually get a Pug. Many owners do not realize just how much work it can be to deal with the health issues these little guys can have. First there are the breathing issues. Pugs have a shorter snout than most other breeds and as a result they have a tendency to have trouble breathing. They need daily help with cleaning out their nasal passages.

Then you have the Pug not being able to regulate their temperature as well as other dogs. Most dogs are able to pant to regulate their temperature, but since Pugs have a shorter snout they cannot pant as efficiently. This means that it is your responsibility to see the signs of your little guy overheating and take him somewhere he can cool down. Because of this, you cannot keep your little guy outdoors for a long time, especially on those hot summer days.


Daily grooming is a must for this dog. It is not a lot of work to groom a Pug, but it is something that has to be done every day. This is especially true if the little guy has a lot of deep facial wrinkles. These wrinkles tend to collect dirt and anything else that happens to get into them.

It is pretty simple to groom your Pug. You simply use a napkin to clean out the folds on your Pug and use a brush to brush of the shedding fur. Then you need to be sure to bathe him once he starts to smell, which is about once a month.

Some Pug owners don’t realize that grooming is part of taking care of their Pug and as a result do not do it, and that causes health issues.

Not an Outdoors Dog

Are you looking for a dog that will go out with you on long hikes and walks? If you are then do not get a Pug. So many people realize this too late and end up giving away their little guy. Don’t get me wrong. Your Pug will love going outside and run around, but he will have a hard time keeping up with you. Eventually he will either get too tired or too hot and will need to be carried.

One reason for this is because Pugs get hot very fast and can’t cool themselves down. When this happens you need to cool down your dog, which involves taking him to a cool place, like your car or a building with air conditioning.

The other reason is, your Pug will have less stamina than you. You may be able go jogging for 20 or 30 minutes, but he will only be able to keep up with you for 10 minutes. Then you can either stop and rest or pick him up and carry him.

Know this before you decide to get a Pug puppy. These little dogs are great companions and will give you all the love you want, but you will need to help him out when you take him on long walks or runs. One solution is to get a pet backpack. With one of those you will be able to carry your little guy on your back without worry.

House Training

Stubbornness runs in the Pug family. This results in a more difficult potty training period. Some dog breeds catch on pretty fast about the proper way to go to the bathroom. Pugs are not those dogs. It takes much longer for them to learn how and where they should be going potty.

This is probably the number one reason people begin to hate their Pug. Their house begins to smell and they lose patience and decide it is easier to just get rid of the little poop machine.

Potty training can take up to a year with Pug puppies. This doesn’t mean it will necessarily take a month. It can take as little as a month for your Pug puppy to be house trained, but a lot of patience and love is needed in that time.

Always Around You

Pugs are very dependent on you and as a result they will always want your attention. Anytime you are home you can expect your little bundle of joy to run after you and want to play with you. This is especially true your Pug is young, as he gets older he will start to calm down and be more of a couch potato. People that are always busy and don’t have time won’t appreciate the love and attention of their little guy.

Be ready to give your Pug attention once you get him, because he won’t give up. These dogs love you with everything they have and will always be around you. Make sure you are ready for this before you decide to get one, because you don’t want to break the heart of this little guy.

If you already have a Pug then don’t worry, Pug Perfect will help you raise the perfect little dog.

9 Responses to “5 Reasons Why Pugs Might Not Be For You”

  1. Bawz says:

    How do I clean it’s nasal passages

  2. Julia says:

    We love our pug he was hard work to potty train but we did get there. He is so affectionate to all the family he is our lives. He has never damaged the house, sleeps most of the day when we are at work, don’t laugh we watch him on a webcam only to ensure he his safe. But just lately he does not seem to sleep as much and can be under active when we get home, well after our love and cuddles. We are seriously thinking about getting another to keep him company but would love some advise before we take on another. Would hate to pot out for another pet we would bond with if he would reject. Any advise would be appreciated.

    • Carmen says:

      Hi. Getting another pug would be great. If you are worried about your pug rejecting a new pug to the family, you could bring him with you for them to meet before you really bring another home. I have 3 pugs and they all get along very well. I too watch them on my webcam when I am not home and they all cuddle and sleep together on the couch preciously.

  3. Christian says:

    I used to have 2 pugs who were actually brothers. We live in Arizona and it gets pretty hot here. The pugs I had lived outside and they both did just fine. We gave em showers and everything. These guys were really energetic actually. They loved going on walks. Their mom and dad lived with my aunt and uncle…this family of pugs were very energetic. My mom doesn’t like dogs so we had to give them away. But we gave to one of my brothers friends so it’s okay.

  4. Stacie says:

    I am hopeless. We have a pug that is 3 years old. I have never been able to train her to potty on the pad I work outside the home-and she is ruining my floors. And she eats her poop! I can’t get rid of her because my Pekingnese loves her so. Please help!

    • Elizabeth says:

      Such affectionate little pack animals. So many pug meetups that someone will help you or take her whatever you desire!

  5. Ashish says:

    I need advice….i really want a pug.
    Is it really difficult??
    I own a fish aquarium…but cant relate…
    My family says no to get a dog.
    So please suggest should i get one???

  6. Sword art online fan says:

    How can i have my pug outside?

  7. Elizabeth says:

    I love pugs! Nicest dog ever! I’m so surprised and impressed with this dog my friends are looking at me sideways about my infatuation of pugs… I have had mostly bulldogs a few hounds and other breeds but, this pug is technically my daughters who is 17 years old. She asked for this pug for 6 years and this is the best dog ever! I highly recommend a pug as a affectionate companion who likes to play be silly with huge expressive personality and appears to enjoy be talked to as if he understands and hangs on every word. This breed does need you not to be crated while u work! Wants to be side by side 20 of 24 hrs min a day 😂😂😂 pugs like dogs kids cats and other animals very social and love to make friends with all species

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