Pug Behavior – Common Disobedience Problems

Owning a Pug can be loads of fun. They love to play and run around, and they will do anything to grab your attention. They do all of this with the help of their natural urges, urges that may not be ideal for everyone.

It is your job to know and understand the type of disobedience problems your Pug may have and their cause. Taking the proper action to correct these problems is important. It will not only get you to have a well behaved Pug, but your pug will also be happy that he has pleased you. Here are some common disobedience problems Pugs may have:


Pretty much all dogs know how to bark and love to do so. Your pug is no different, he won’t hesitate to voice his opinion when he wants to. It is up to you as his owner and leader to teach him when it is alright to bark and when he should remain quite. Remember that it is natural for your Pug to bark, it’s how he voices his opinions and worries. So don’t try to stop him from barking, but rather teach him when it is appropriate to let out a few barks.

Potty Training

This may be the worst disobedience problem you can have. It is not only dirty and messy, but can also be very smelly. You don’t want your Pug to go to the bathroom in the house and you want him to know that. Take immediate action the second you get your Pug. Show him where he is allowed to go to the bathroom and where he isn’t. Also make sure to clean up any mess your Pug may make. If you don’t the smell will give him permission to go into the same spot again. In his mind, if he went potty there before successfully then he should be allowed to go there again.

Extreme Begging

Pugs have been breed to be extremely close to humans. This means that your Pug wants and needs your attention almost 100% of the time. Most of the time this is a good thing and you and your Pug have a fun time, but sometimes this can be a problem. You may have work you have to do or just want some alone time, but your Pug keeps on begging and whining for you to play with him.

Do not always give in to your little guys begging and whining, show him that you are the boss and he will get attention when you decide to give it to him. This may seem a bit cruel and harsh but it is necessary for him to learn that he will get attention when you can give it to him, not when he wants it.


It is common for Pugs to want to chew on something. They have natural urges to want to hunt something down and then tear it up. When they get the idea to do this they will find what they can and then destroy it. You really don’t want this problem to keep on getting worse. It will end up costing you lots of money. Take action as soon as you notice your Pug chewing on something he isn’t supposed to.

Know What You are Doing

Any disobedience problems that your Pug may have do not have to be permanent. As long as you know how to identify them and take proper action, you can turn them around. Correct the behavior as soon as it starts and don’t let it go on and get worse. You are the smarter one out of the two of you. Your Pug just doesn’t know any better and needs your guidance to know how to behave.

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20 Responses to “Pug Behavior – Common Disobedience Problems”

  1. Ken Leffler says:

    We have two concerns with our pug. 1 – He will come in the house just after we have taken her out to go pee or poo and she will then squat by the door and go pee. Other problem and it can get her killed, is she will run from us and will not listen or come back and she will evade us. Ken

    • koko says:

      1- praise him more for her listening to your instructions and show no attention when she id being disobidient#

      2- keep him on a leash and teach her step by step and gradually she will trust and u will have to trust him

    • Amy says:

      This is the exact same problem we have with our 6 month Pug. She runs from us and won’t come when called. She knows her name and comes when she wants to. It’s very frustrating.

  2. Lisa Perry says:

    Why does one of my four Pugs pees on others?

  3. Kahla says:

    My pug is a sociopath. All she does is run around and is constantly licking my face or scratching me apart. What can I do?

    • koko says:

      praise her/him al ot when listening but show no atention when its acting like a nuter . it takesa while but hopefully it will work for you

  4. Michelle says:

    I have two pugs from the same litter and one eats the others poo! Does anyone know know why he does this?

    • Nath says:

      Dogs eating others poo can be a vitamin deficiency

      • Maud M says:

        Monty is 7 month old when we first had him at 8 weeks he would eat his and our retrievers poo, I used to go out with him every time with a poo shovel and when he performs praise him and treat him. We did change his food so the above comment about deficiency could also be true. He’s ok now but it was hard work for a few months

  5. Terri says:

    We inherited a pug from my brother in law who passed away. The pug is four years old. We let him out before we go to bed a night. We go upstairs to watch tv. After about an hour the dog will jump off the bed and run downstairs. We thought he was just getting a drink. When we come down in the morning we find little puddles outside of the kitchen door. It is always the same spot/spots. We have tried everything to clean it up. It is a parquet-type flooring which is old and worn, but still he keeps going on the same spot. Any ideas how to break this habit./

  6. Steph says:

    Our family recently adopted a rescue pug. We are having a difficult time with her peeing and pooping in the house. We are diligent on letting her out however she continues to make a mess in our home. We are not certain of her upbringing or why she was put up for adoption and don’t get me wrong she settled in to our home well with our 12 year old pug!!!

    • Melisa says:

      Try putting your pugs bed in the area where she peed or poo’d, It worked for us. I also spray Glen 20 in the area after I clean up the mess, she didn’t like the smell.


    My female pug out of no where will start to hump in the air, it usually lasts a couple of days, is there something I could do for her-she is 12

  8. Rob says:

    Our pug is 10 months old and my partner has bought him up from day one, I’ve had some input but not as much as my partner. He does everything for the dog. Because we live apart I see our pug part time. Sometimes when I’m there he doesn’t even want to know my partner and clings to me. My partner gets frustrated and upset as he becomes that ‘second person’. Is there a reason for this? I am guilty of giving into the dog when he wants something. It’s getting to the point where my partner wants to give him away. He gives so much affection and time to our pug that he doesn’t feel he gets enough in return. I’ve found they can be quite manipulative, is this true?

    • Samantha says:

      Hello. I have a problem similar and I have put in many hours of reading , and training with my fiancées pug who he rescued at 6 months old, but never properly trained her which led to me doing it when we got together which has been for over 3 years now and the pug is 6 . My main frustration is how all my training and work I have and do with her seems like it flies out the window when he is around the dog . She is with me during days mostly and does everything I’ve trained her to do that all dogs should be trained to do such as peeing and pooing outside instead of puppy pads which she was allowed to use her who,e life , jumping on people, begging allllll the time, demand barking and constant whining, etc. When we are together , the dog will do everything she can to get my fiancée to give her attention and quits listening to me . He will let her jump on him, sit in her bed and beg while we are eating , whining if he is talking to me or giving me any type of attention , barks “AT” him to demand what she wants and he gives in all the time , except maybe every once in a while . It is so frustrating it has caused me so much stress I have come to not particularly care to be around the dog. She knows what she is doing is wrong , and he does too, but thinks it’s not a big deal to let her have her way when he’s home. This now has caused her to start acting disobedient again with just me after so much work with her. I can’t say anything to him or he gets easily irritated about her . It can hurt your relationship . There are many articles on this type of issue. To answer the question….YES . Females are especially manipulative . No matter what… make sure rules and respect from the dog are established. Make sure when you and your partner are together , the dog does not try to get attention or manipulate to do so . This WILL cause problems . Hope this helps a bit .

  9. Carol B says:

    Hi my name is cal, i have a 13wk old pug he constantly keeps biting or nipping. its really getting out of control. my grandchildren are frightened to visit because of this. he is very close to my partner but every night he puts him on the sofa on his dressing gown where he falls asleep. i put his pen up , we put him in about 11pm but early hours this morning his was just crying at 3am. i did get up to try and comfort him he did settle eventually with me asleep on the sofa also. It’s really getting me down plus we live in a flat.

  10. Amy says:

    Our puppy does submissive peeing only to me, Mom, the main caretaker. It’s very very hard to deal with because the smell might give her permission to pee in spot where she had her submissive dribble pee.
    She is very stubborn. I’ve had several dogs, all Pomeranians and this is my first Pug. Hey there is so bad that we are considering not keeping her due to her disobedience running from us and not coming when called her and she clearly knows her name. Help!

  11. Roz says:

    We have a 3 year old pug, who we rescued and have had him for a year he’s been fine except for the last few days, he seems to have a fit out by running up and down the lounge and running up and down the stairs and round and round and then stops and scratches the carpet in different places, is this normal for pugs or is there something wrong with him.

  12. Celina Lowe says:

    My pug is 3 years old and started this habit?? And we have tryed everything to get him to stop. His problem is you can not touch him, can stroke him can’t cuddle him nothing. And I would give anything to be able to give him cuddles. As soon as a finger touches him he starts running around in circles barking and making a sreaming noise it breaks my heart? I have asked vets? They said it a behavioural problem. I would try anything to just be able to cuddle him, I love the little fellow with all my heart and it is so upsetting to watch him sreaming like this. Please any ideas💔

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