Welcome to PugTips

Welcome to Pugtips

Welcome to PugTips, a site dedicated to owning and raising an obedient, social, healthy and happy Pug!

With years of real life experience, we strive to arm our readers with knowledge about training, care, obedience using positive reinforcement and behavior correction that doesn't involve any shouting, yelling or any other abusive tactics.

"You want your dog to respect you, not fear you"

At pugtips.com we are striving to build a community of educated Pug owners. So if you have a Pug of your own, feel free to join in on the discussion and share your own experience with our readers.

We would love to read your stories, tips, advice, anecdotes or even just see pictures of your adorable dogs. This website is made by Pug owners for Pug owners, so everyone is welcome to participate and voice their opinions.

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